Our aims and our ethos

Riddlesworth Hall School is a traditional, rural prep school which offers a stimulating, secure and happy environment. The aim at Riddlesworth Hall is to nurture every child as an individual, finding their niche strengths and helping them to develop firm foundations for the future. It aims to keep all children active, stimulated and happy. Independence and curiosity are encouraged to ensure that children develop into well-rounded, confident individuals. The school aims to challenge its pupils so that they can develop a broad range of skills and discover unique strengths.

Building on these strong foundations, the school is now accepting pupils into Year 9 with the intention that the school will now take children from age 2 up to GSCE at 16. In this way we will offer children the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace, reassured and encouraged by their confidence in the school which represents a second family to them.

Riddlesworth Hall welcomes British and International boarders and prides itself on the warmth and good nature that are the overwhelming features of its boarding houses. Children as young as 7 board at the school which soon becomes their home. Students who do board at the school learn to be confident, self-sufficient and outgoing individuals who bring as much to the school as they take away from it.