While most children regard boarding as a more or less instant way to access everything that made Harry Potter great, we know it is important to keep our feet very firmly on the ground. We aim to make boarding school life fun, busy, absorbing, challenging but the magic is in our approach rather than in our wands.

Our dormitories have two or three single beds and are bright and freshly decorated. We offer flexi boarding which means that parents and children can ‘tailor make’ their time with us. Boarders are encouraged to regard the school as their home and to feel as comfortable here as they would in their actual home. We understand that boarding pupils need a careful balance between ‘chilling out’ time; prep time and active time and we are careful to maintain this balance. Evenings feature clubs that range from decoupage to sport while at the weekend we always take to the road in search of adventure or sometimes in search of the shops…

Access to mobile phones is limited; in this way we are able to minimise the risk that social media can pose and instead replace it with real friendships, real interaction with peers and – well – a really good time. Really.

Boarders are cared for by House Parents and by assistant House Staff who are always on hand to listen, to kick a ball, to track down or source precious items – or just to heat up a Pot Noodle.