“The pupils’ excellent progress in mathematics across the age range is a strength of the school.”
“Pupils relish taking on roles and responsibilities within the school community”
“Pupils demonstrate an excellent positive attitude to diversity; they integrate well and respect difference in cultures and faiths.”
“Across the school, pupils have very positive attitudes to their learning.”

” Pupils’ self-esteem is high.”

“From the EYFS onwards, pupils develop strong skills for investigation, prediction and research which is achieved through careful lesson planning , focused on providing opportunities for independent learning.”


“Pupils are particularly successful in the performing arts.”
“Pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent.”
“Across all age groups pupils show great enthusiasm for their learning.”

“Pupils develop high levels of self-esteem as they move through the school.”

“An ethos of care between pupils and staff prevails throughout the school.”
“The pupils’ behaviour is excellent; they have a high regard for the school’s expectations for behaviour.”
“They leave the school as confident and capable young people who are ready to meet their next set of challenges.”