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Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 2-13

Outdoor Learning

Much learning has taken place outside this week, making the most of the sunny weather. Years 1 and 2 got creative in the woods. After
making their own natural paintbrushes they used natural resources to create different coloured ‘paints’. In Maths, Year 1 have been revising 3-D shapes and their properties. With the wonderful weather this week they took the opportunity to do some their work outside. Year 3 hid treasure in the grounds and then wrote instructions for finding it using the four cardinal points of the compass, number of steps and turns clockwise or anticlockwise. Year 5 took their work on transformations outside. They were methodical in their approach to ensure accuracy and demonstrated enthusiasm throughout. Year 4 continued their work on habitats, identifying evergreen and deciduous trees, comparing insect and wind pollinated flowers and looking for the beginnings of seed development.