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Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 2-13


On Tuesday, Year 6 became shipwrecked (only in a forest and not on an island) in order to empathise with their class reader Kensuke’s Kingdom. We were greeted by Ray who informed them this wasn’t going to be an easy day, much to their disappointment. They were split into teams competing to survive in the wilderness. Several challenges followed: shelter building, water purification and the children’s favourite – fire making. They were tasked to do this under time constraints, forcing them to work collaboratively. The shelters had to be waterproof, the water had to be clear, the fire had to be started… They met each challenge with enthusiasm and, I am pleased to report, that the owner even commented on what a fabulous group of children they are. I am now pleased to announce the results of their survival… Team Jaffa scored 390 points but, even though they didn’t start a fire, Team Bear won with 520 points