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Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 2-13

Spiritual life of the school

As a Church of England school, Riddlesworth Hall believes that we each have a spiritual dimension, as well as our physical, intellectual, emotional and social selves. As a school community we seek to help pupils to become more aware of their spirit and to grow in their spiritual lives whatever religious background they may or may not have.

Each week, pupils attend our very own church on site, Saint Peter’s Church where they are able to reflect on their own lives and values, on their developing understanding of the world and its needs, and on their relationship with God and response to Jesus Christ.

Prayers, suited to the age and understanding of the pupils are said at each assembly and in church. Learning to be reflective is also an important element we focus on, where pupil’s and teachers are encouraged to be attentive to one’s daily experience, plus take a moment to stop and take stock in what is a busy school day. Riddlesworth Hall is also blessed with discreet areas to sit where staff and pupils can always find a place to pray or just sit quietly.