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Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 2-13


Pupils participating, enjoying and contributing to a wide variety of sports is extremely important to their daily routine. It is widely recognised that a healthy lifestyle contributes enormously to a child’s sense of achievement and happiness.

It is however important that pupils are offered a variety of sports in which they can compete. Doing so widens the scope for children of all abilities to contribute to the life of the school and also encourages a wider range of sporting skills.

In addition to internal practice sessions, all pupils from Years 3-8 play competitive fixtures across a range of sporting codes versus other schools. This affords them numerous opportunities to learn the values mirrored in the game of school and life, which we aim to nurture.

Physical Education

Pupils in Nursery to Year 2 enjoy a full PE curriculum on a weekly basis alongside swimming lessons. During PE the pupils learn about spatial awareness including: balance, agility, ball skills, dance and gymnastics. In the swimming pool they learn water-safety and how to float before learning the key swimming strokes.

For Years 3-8 we aim to provide a more varied curriculum, all pupils will take part in swimming lessons which run alongside basketball, dance, hockey, football, netball, tennis and athletics.


From September to December (for the boys) we focus largely on rugby as our main team sport. For the girls, we focus on Hockey.

From January to March the boys will play football, while the girls will play netball. During the summer months cricket is the main team sport for both boys and girls, alongside Rounders. Pupils will also participate in a variety of athletics too. 

On occasion our Sports department arrange (voluntary) sports tours for the older pupils both locally and nationally to add to the end of year fixture programme.