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Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 2-13

Viking Warriors

On a cold yet sunny morning, Year 4 excitedly took a trip to Tide and Time Museum where upon arrival, they were greeted by the sound of a banging Viking drum and chants for a brave warrior who was destined for Valhalla. Year 4’s mission for the day was to help make all the necessary preparations and to learn some very useful skills along the way. The morning began with Year 4 participating in a role-play all about the death of the Anglo Saxon King Edmund, the Vikings plundering and some broach making too. The children then learnt just how to be berserkers, complete with an axe wielding master class (luckily they were not real axes- much to Mrs Styles and Mrs Putts relief!) as well as how to defend oneself with a shield. After a quick lunch break it was on to honing our archaeology skills with the children being lucky enough to try out a metal detector and handling items destined for a grand burial. The day culminated with the burial ceremony as we sent the brave warrior on his way. The day was absolutely fantastic and the children were super, immersing themselves entirely in the experience of the day. My thanks goes to Mrs Putt for coming with us and to Tide and Time Museum for a thoroughly amazing day of learning and fun.