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Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 2-13

Y7 Visit to Kentwell Hall

Mrs Styles arranged a trip for us, Year 7, to visit the old and stately home of Kentwell. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would hope (and would like) to visit again some time.When we arrived through the gates of the Manor, it was pouring down with rain but nonetheless we ventured through. Starting at the forge, where they make tools, sometimes weapons, handles etc. then we went over to the alchemist, the cot (where some villagers slept), the pottery room, the kitchens, the bakery, the wood makers (and the
wood carvers) and in the herb/medicine room.  Overall, I was really pleased with my time at Kentwell and would 100 % recommend it.
Georgia Stallard

Kentwell Hall was a great experience. It felt like we were going back in time to the Tudor period . We got to see how the manor was run. The people who worked there talked to us about what they did and how they got to that position. We went all around the grounds and into the different rooms in the house. There were lots of different departments with cooking such as … the dairy, the brewhouse, bakehouse, kitchen and the scullery.
Mini Ellis